Thrift: Passive Income – 15 Thrift Shop Items, Re-Sold on eBay and Amazon for Massive Profits

Thrift: Passive Income - 15 Thrift Shop Items, Re-Sold on eBay and Amazon for Massive Profits

Welcome to your Guide to Implement the Perfect Solution for Passive Income!

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Modern families struggle with financial instability; but what if you could have a quick and easy second income without having to spend a fortune?
What if you could get paid to shop?

Thrifting for profit is just that, sourcing cheap salable items at local stores and then selling them for a profit. It’s a tried and true method that many have turned to make some extra money, and it works!

If you’ve ever held a yard sale you know that your unwanted junk can often attract buyers, and what many consider as nothing buy junk can be a gold mine of collectible and desirable items you can’t buy new. Vintage, collectibles, and even brand new items all make their way into thrift store shelves. Even if you’re unsure what to buy here’s a few easy suggestions to get you started, you won’t even need to set a budget aside to buy stock as many items can be bought for pennies and flipped for hundreds of times their original cost.

Some items are going to be flops, forget everything you think you know, and don’t pretend that every items is salable. Know your margins, and start learning to predict what sells before you buy and you’ll never have items on your hand long.

Many people choose to begin flipping items on the side because it’s such a simple process – buy item, sell it for profit! With nothing more than a camera and a computer you can quickly get your items out there and see how fast the buyers pop up with the right selling tactics. Selling online opens you up to a whole other stage of buyers that are looking for just the items you have to sell:

  • Why buy from thrift stores?
  • How to sell on Amazon and EBay
  • Why become a flipper/reseller?
  • What items you should buy and what you should stay away from
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