Make Money Typing From Home: How To Earn £1,200+ Per Month With Your Own Home-Based Typing Business

Make Money Typing From Home: How To Earn £1,200+ Per Month With Your Own Home-Based Typing Business

Calling All Typists – Want to Make Money from Home Typing?

Could do with earning £1,200/,900+ per month?

… then you need to start your own typing from home business – let me show you how.

Don’t Waste Time Looking For ‘Typing From Home Jobs’ – There’re Aren’t Any!

I’ve set up and successfully run my own home-based typing business, and I’m now going give you my step-by-step typing guide.

This Typing Book Is Specifically Designed For Typists like You To Make Money From Home

The good news is that while I was setting up my own typing business, I documented my step-by-step journey which means you can now follow my proven steps to success.

Copy Typing From Home, Audio Typing From Home?

You can do both, and both earn you a great hourly rate!

Don’t Do Audio Transcription?

No problem, I can show you two ways to learn how to do audio transcription typing. It’s easy – if you can type what you hear, you can do audio transcription!

Nervous About Starting Your Own Typing Service And Typing For Clients?

Don’t be. I show you two ways to practice, practice, practice so you will be full of confidence.

There’s HUGE Demand For Home-Based Transcription Typing

You just need to know where to find it. I show you where to look to easily get audio transcription jobs. In fact there are 12 pages of this book especially dedicated to marketing your typing business to get the clients you want to work for. Don’t do typing jobs you don’t like – you can afford to be choosy and pick your own clients.

Learn The £1,200/,900 a Month Formula

This is the best bit. I show you three ways to earn at least £1,200/,900 a month. These are proven formulas for you to follow so you know how much you can potentially earn for the amount of hours that you work. HINT: You only need to work FOUR hours a day to earn £1,200/,900 a month.


I even give you example business documentation and example marketing documentation so you can copy it and use it as your own!

Table of Contents

The Growing Demand For General Transcriptionists
Don’t Do Audio Transcription? How You Can Train To Be A General Transcriptionist
Whose Your Target Market?
Skills Required
Equipment Required
Two Ways To Build Your Confidence Before You Get Clients
Pricing And Your Salary (The £1,200 a Month Formula)
How And When To Invoice
Business Documentation
Your Marketing Plan (Getting Clients – 12 pages)
Business Administration and Customer Management
Tips On Running Your Typing Business Part-Time Whilst Working a Full-Time Job
Being Realistic
Business Practices
Your Summary Checklist
Helpful Resource Summary

About The Author

I’ve been a typist (amongst many other things) for over 27 years. But I’ve always had a burning desire to work from home enjoying what I do and earning money from it.

I’ve tried many home-based businesses but I’ve reverted back to my good old typing skills to make me a full-time income from home.

So scroll up, click the buy button & join me!

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