How to Start your own Café: 5 Key Steps

How to Start your own Café: 5 Key Steps

Want to start your own business and work for yourself? Opening a café, coffee shop, sandwich bar or tea room are all viable options for a newcomer. If a new lifestyle like this appeals to you, why not start the process here.
Part 1 of this guide explores the 5 Key Steps, the crucial decisions you will have to make first:

1. Location – where to live and work.
2. Business Style – what type of café.
3. Price/Costs – your budget.
4. Starting Points – new, existing or franchise.
5. Premises – freehold, leasehold, living accommodation.

The thorough analysis of these factors will give you the insight and confidence to assess the different business propositions you will encounter.

Part 2 of How to Start your own Café provides you with practical and realistic information and comprehensively details all the other significant aspects of buying or setting up a coffee shop . The guide considers the personal choices to be made and the various tasks to be done to get up and running.

The author’s own experience of deciding who to work with, when to open, what to cook and sell and how to spend the profits makes this book an essential first step towards a new career. Owning a lifestyle business is not difficult and running a café is very doable. This book can help you realise your dream; you just have to decide to do it!

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