eBay Genius: 51 Ways to Source Unique Products with High Profit Margins and No Competition on eBay

eBay Genius: 51 Ways to Source Unique Products with High Profit Margins and No Competition on eBay


How many times have you wondered where to find products to sell on eBay, products that always attract high profits and which few other people are also selling?

Better still, how would you like to be sole seller of those products on eBay, so you never have to face rivalry or fight price wars and end up lowering your prices just to break even?

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it, and possibly too good to be true?

But finding those products for which you are sole supplier and earning fabulous profits on every sale is actually very easy and it can be done close to home in just a few hours, so leaving you the rest of the day to list and sell your acquisitions and watch money pour constantly into your bank account.

You do it by locating products from places few or no other people know about and may never know about, but which will always be available to you.

Here are just a few of those secrets you’ll learn about in my report:

* Two problems that turn other eBay sellers against a particularly productive and profitable product source and why those problems will be a very great benefit to you.

* Where to find brand new products minus their original packaging and priced less than twenty-five percent their retail price. And why you can resell those items for one hundred percent pure profit per sale.

* Visit just one website to find all the goods you’ll ever need to earn a great living on eBay and how to know how much money you’ll make from those products before you even have to pay for them.

* eBay bans this type of product and frequently expels sellers breaking the rules. Unless you follow this simple tip to turning a banned item into something eBay will willingly help you to sell.

* You can pick up hundreds of these best selling items every weekend, completely free of charge, and sell them for double figure prices on eBay. But only if you know where and how to obtain stock before other sellers get to hear about these hugely popular products.

* Where to buy four or five items for next to nothing, then bundle and list them on eBay for 1000% quick and easy profit per sale.

* Three ways eBay will help you find products set to attract record breaking prices at their site.


I have been selling on eBay for more than eleven years and for most of that time I’ve passed on my knowledge about eBay as editor of London-based print newsletter, eBay Confidential.

My articles and newsletter have helped readers worldwide make money on eBay, essentially because this business model works incredibly well, and secondly because anyone can make money on eBay no matter where in the world they live and work – as long as they have an internet connection and access to eBay, of course!

Oh yes, and as long as you have a steady stream of profitable, high demand products few or no other people are selling on eBay.

This book reveals 51 secrets to finding those products.

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