Create a Website: How to Make a Website or Blog for Business or Fun. Start a Website you Own, 4 Easy Video Tutorials

Create a Website: How to Make a Website or Blog for Business or Fun. Start a Website you Own, 4 Easy Video Tutorials

Learn How to Start a Blog or Website for either Business or as a Hobby. Create a self hosted blog on WordPress with easy to follow video tutorials. No Coding or other technical jargon, just what you need. A great start up guide for beginners or anyone wanting to start a home based business online but don’t know how to get a domain name and web hosting.

After creating countless successful websites or blogs over the past 4 years, I wanted to give others the information I couldn’t find when getting started online. Some of my sites were blogs, some large websites, some hobby sites, some for making money. This “how to start a blog” guide book was inspired because of the past difficulties I found trying to get the basic information, all in one place without paying a fortune! A step by step “all in one” video tutorial guide on how to make a blog from scratch was very difficult to find. This guide is great for beginners because it walks you through each step to get a self hosted blog site online. No coding skills needed either! (You can go through the EXPRESS SET UP by just watching the videos if you want.)
I’ll not only to tell you how, but show you how. Of course the first time always seems daunting, just like anything new we learn. If you want to build a personal blog, charity blog, business or marketing website, this is the first step to getting a site up and running on the web. It’s actually fun once you know how!
My step by step guide includes a “watch over my shoulder” video series (linked to to help beginners overcome initial questions of “how do I do that” or “what do I do next”. This book will cover everything you need to get started plus more. I won’t fill your head with information overload, but we’ll discuss what you need to get the job done properly. My grammar isn’t perfect, so I apologize for that.
Depending on the quality of training we find early on will determine if it will be an easy or difficult journey. Once you learn the things I’m about to show you and see how easy it is, you’ll probably want to build more than just the one blog site! This bloggers guide has a step by step sequence of video tutorials to make the whole set up process easier.

We will cover what you need to know so you don’t give up because you think it’s all too hard. I won’t fill your head with the technical stuff or HTML code and the like, it will teach you just what you need. Think about it this way – when you learn to drive a car, you don’t know how every element of the engine works or all the mechanics work. You just learn what you need to know to drive it properly! Information overload can be a quick way to failure, so focusing on one thing at a time is the best way to go.

You also have access to the latest web hosting specials to save you money. The hosting companies usually have some type of deal going on, so this will save you 25%. This will be updated as new deals become available. We all like saving money whenever possible.

The video tutorials can be watched privately on my YouTube channel.
– Here are the topics you will learn about.

•What Does it Cost to Start a Blog?
•What is a Domain Name?
•3 Things to Avoid Before Choosing a Domain Name
•What is Web Hosting & Why Do We Need It?
•VIDEO 1. How to Set Up a Domain Name & Get Web Hosting
•Which Blogging Platform?
•No HTML Skills Required!
•12 Reasons to use WordPress
•cPanel Login Explained
•VIDEO 2. Installing WordPress
•VIDEO 3. Dashboard Tour – Full Blog Customization
•VIDEO 4. Choose & Install a Theme for your Blog
•Give Your Blog a Title
•Customize the Header & Background
•Write a Blog Post
•How to Add an Image
•Stick a Post to the Top of your Blog

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