Career Food Blogging: The $100,000 Food Blog Business Plan

Career Food Blogging: The 0,000 Food Blog Business Plan

Make ,000’s Following Your Passion

Learn to make ,000s a month food blogging. In the book, I give you the exact, step-by-step recipe I used to transform a food blog into a 0,000 internet business. Whether you already run a food blog, or are thinking of starting one, you are doing it because it is something you love. But, to be able to truly follow your passion, you need to take the business seriously. This book provides you with a proven roadmap to do so, so you can stop working for your hobby, and start living for your passion.

What Can You Expect?

The book includes the entire system that allowed me to earn average income of ,000 a month, with high months of nearly ,000. Developing this system has also allowed me to move away from an unfulfilling day job and live a life of passion.

My Proven Recipe to Make Money Food Blogging

In this book, you get an exact, chapter-by-chapter recipe to make money food blogging. This is not a theory, but a proven path to real results. I am giving you everything I have learned and developed to have both a profitable business and a life dedicated to my passion.

Get Started: The Basic Ingredients of a Food Blog

Learn what exactly goes into a food blog, so you know you’ll have everything you need. This is an important section if you are just starting out or want to make sure you have all of the essential elements.

Get Traffic & Build Your Brand with Social Media

In this section, I’ll show you the steps I have taken to gain 50,000 Facebook likes in three years, 7,000 Pinterest followers in four months and 1,000s of visits a day from social media.

Create Professional-Quality Food Photography

In this chapter, New York Times bestselling cookbook author and expert food photographer, Bill Staley, teaches you how to make your food photography both drool-worthy and profitable.

Build & Monetize Your Mailing List

Here, I will walk you through the system I have used to create a mailing list of more than 21,000 subscribers and to balance good information with several multi-,000 sales days.

Create Stable, Passive Advertising Revenue

This chapter teaches you step-by-step the “fire-and-forget” advertising strategy I have used to consistently put several ,000 of advertising revenue in the bank each month.

Start Earning Money from Your Recipe E-Book in One Month

This section will show you the system I have used to self-publish a recipe e-book that has earned several ,000 in sales. E-books are some of the simplest, least expensive ways for food bloggers to create revenue for themselves. And, once you put the time into creating great recipe content, you are already 90% done.

Make Money with Affiliate Programs

In this section, I show you how to utilize the strategy I have developed to make ,000s from affiliate networks such as Clickbank and E-Junkie, as well how to put serious cash in your pocket by taking advantage of bundle sales. Affiliate sales are another pillar of online businesses, and one that is simple to take advantage of once you have built your base.

Build & Sell Your Own Recipe App

This section lays out the plan that earned my recipe app has earned more than ,000, showing you how to create and sell your own recipe app and build another stable revenue source for yourself and a helpful product for your fans. Customers spent over billion in the Apple App Store in 2013, representing a huge market to recipe apps.

Money-Back Guarantee

I am giving you a 0,000 business plan for .99. But if you are not fully satisfied, simply return the e-book to Amazon within seven days of purchase for a full refund.

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